Volunteering in Thailand

There are few things more beautiful than a smile in someone’s face and better still if you know that you are the reason behind it. If you are interesting in spreading love and happiness around and helping others then volunteering vacation is a great way to do it. So, if you are seeking a volunteering vacation then you will first need to choose a destination and Thailand comes across like a wonderful choice.

Thailand is a country with numerous poor villages that need your help, and the environment also needs to be preserved, hence there are lots to do. Thailand is an ideal destination for enthusiastic volunteers as the country is spectacular with magnificent Buddhist temples, radiant flowers and chanting birds. The local Thai natives are friendly and they welcome the foreigners. They take great pride in conserving their national reputation.

If you work with the NGO, it allows you to settle into a daily rhythm that enables you to share the daily rhythm of Thai culture, work and celebration. The locals are hard working people however they never fail to greet and smile at you with a friendly gesture. As the country shares its border with Cambodia, Laos, and Myanmar, the human right agencies have established in these areas since long and the people volunteering in Thailand can also visit the neighboring countries.

Volunteering in Thailand is a Great Choice

The average living cost in Thailand is pretty cheap and this makes staying in Thailand really enjoyable. It is easy to get a visa run in the country and also enjoy visiting the neighboring Southeast Asia countries. Some of the enjoyable activities that you can explore in Thailand are exotic beaches like Phuket, countrywide beauty, north tribal villages, Bangkok nightlife, new medical tourism, Chiang Mai markets, Elephant camps, and green tourism.

Different Types of Volunteering Programs in Thailand

If you are interested in being a volunteering and traveling to Thailand, one of the most beautiful Southeast Asian countries then there are several interesting programs to choose from. Thailand and Chiang Mai present the volunteering with a wide ranging opportunities and the NGOs in those regions focus on exact fields.

The Human Right Advocacy is a wonderful opportunity where you get to do some grass root work along with the migrant workers. Their families need care, education and mostly importantly someone who can put a smile on their faces. You will find organizations that will help you get in touch with these migrant workers who do various odd jobs and handicrafts. You can help them in your own unique way to ensure that they lead better lives.

Another important concern in Thailand today is education for women and children. The Thailand law has made it mandatory for all children to get education, regardless of their status. However there are some who are unable to speak or write Thai good enough and some parents are scared to send their children to school for fear of deportation.

If you love wildlife then you may volunteer at the Elephant Sanctuary in Thailand and do you part in ensuring that the elephants lead a good and healthy life.